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''The Goldbergs'' - 28 September 1954

Published 1954

An episode of the DuMont Network version of "The Goldbergs". In this episode, Jake and everyone argue over who invented the half-size dress. (note: at the end of this episode, Molly wishes the viewers a happy new year in the Hebrew calender. Also includes "better schools" PSA)

Run time 29 minutes 33 seconds
Production Company DuMont Television Network
Audio/Visual sound, black and white


Reviewer: HappySwordsman - - September 21, 2015
Subject: That's because.... source for the DuMont episodes, the "official" DVD release, did not list any episode titles (well, except for the final syndicated season, which I have no plans to upload). The DuMont episodes were listed on the DVD by broadcast date and had no mention of any episode titles for any of them.

The DuMont episode titles listed on IMDb, assuming they are the original episode titles, were not known at the time the episodes were uploaded.
Reviewer: Audio And Visual Club - - September 21, 2015
Subject: Episode Titles
It's a shame you never listed the episode titles